Cannonball Press (collective)


Founded in 2000, Cannonball Press is owned and operated by Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston in Brooklyn, New York. They have printed work by over fifty artists and have produced three themed portfolios of work from multiple artists. In 2008 Mazorra and Houston lectured at MoMA with Space 1026 as part of the Museum’s PopRally series.

Out of Print Project Description

Cannonball Press worked with Independence Seaport Museum aboard the 1895 Navy vessel, Olympia, printing their interpretation of the shipboard newspaper, The Bounding Billow. The letterpress-printed newspaper functioned to bind together the diverse population of the 400+ sailors who lived and worked aboard the ship.
In the spirit of seamen who printed before them, artists Houston and Mazorra created a limited edition artist book referencing The Bounding Billow through their interpretation of the lives of the men who lived aboard Olympia.

In the spring of 2010, the artists brought the ship to life during various printing events where the public was invited to come learn about letterpress printing. Visitors were able to see the original press along with editions of The Bounding Billow and other shipboard printed ephemera for exhibition that occurred concurrently with Philagrafika 2010 from January 29-April 11, 2010.

Cannonball Press is a collective, print-based, micropublisher out of Brooklyn, New York. Founded by artists Martin Mazorra and Mike Houston in 1999, they have published hundreds of editions of prints, traveled extensively conducting workshops and public printing events, and have continued to consistently produce their own art. Both artists are traditional letterpress practitioners and routinely incorporate vintage woodcut letterpress into their artwork.

Photo credit: Rebecca Mott

Image Credit: Greenhouse Media

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Cruiser Olympia
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