Drive-By Press (collective)


Drive-By Press is Joseph Velasquez, Gregory Naney, and Drew Iwaniw. All received their MFAs, with a focus in printmaking, from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Created as a mobile endeavor to educate and share with students across the United States the art of contemporary printmaking, Drive-By Press has visited well over one hundred colleges and universities giving lectures and hands-on demonstrations.


The Tower of Babble

To our esteemed colleagues, supporters, family and friends of Drive-By Press:

Over the last four years Drive-By Press has traveled over 200,000 miles with a mobile
print studio and a mission of democratizing art by sharing our knowledge and passion for
printmaking, and one of the largest collections of contemporary prints in the country. It
is because of your support and generosity that this endeavor has prospered.

The spring of 2010 was Drive-By’s final academic tour. They invited anyone
to participate in a large collaborative performance piece as part of the kick-off for the
Southern Graphic Conference in Philadelphia. On Wednesday, March 24 of 2010, The
Drive-By Crew presented The Tower of Babble, a performance-based construction that
demonstrated the power of the printed image and showcased the visual language that
has inspired artists and students across the country.

Hosted by The Print Center in Philadelphia, The Tower of Babble was a unique
collaboration between the DBP crew along with sculptors Eric Fuertes, John Medina and
over 100 artists who will contribute a relief print to this endeavor.

Images: t-shirt on-site printing by Drive-by Press, with the participation of the public.

Photo credit: Rebecca Mott

More Info

Drive By Printing Printing event:
Wednesday, March 24, 6-9pm

The Print Center

1614 Latimer St.Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 735-6090