Superflex (collective)

About Superflex

Superflex is a Danish artists’ group founded and directed by Jakob Fenger (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1968),  Rasmus Nielsen (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969) and Bjonstjerne Christiansen (Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969) since 1993. Superflex has gained an international reputation for their projects and has had solo shows among others at Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland; REDCAT, Los Angeles; and in 2003 participated in the Utopia Station exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

On Superflex's work

Superflex projects examine the dynamics and dependencies created by economic systems and develop tools to be used in constructive transformations. The artists propose challenges to entrenched ways of thinking about various kinds of capital, as they say: not with “traditional critiques but with projects that expose the contemporary consciousness and our evolving relationship to global consumerism, environmentalism, the Internet copyright.” Many of their works propose solutions to real problems, such as developing local and efficient alternative fuel sources, designing the equitably profitable distribution of food products, or initiating a network of local television stations to directly engage users in the creation of content. These socially conscious actions are liberatory rather than utopian, intended to produce individual and collective change, with the projects functioning as replicable models and tools made available through the free distribution of instructions.

Project Description

Copy Light, 2008-09
Copy Light is a workshop that produces paper-shaded hanging lamps, each printed with the image of a famous copyrighted lamp design. The lights are constructed and hung in the gallery as they are made, gradually filling and illuminating the space. Conceptually, the lights occupy a position somewhere between an original and a copy, in the words of the artists “an in-between mode of working that has the potential to disrupt convention.”


Copy Light, 2008-09
Wood and printed paper hanging lamps

*Image credit: Greenhouse Media

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