Betsabee Romero


Mexico D.F., 1963, lives and works there.
Romero received her MA in the History of Art, and her MFA from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She has created many site-specific installations, one recently in 2007 during ARCO Madrid at Galeria Ramis Barquet.

Project Description

In Mexico, tires on public transportation vehicles are used well past the absence of any tread causing many of the city’s automobile crashes. Romero reclaims these used tires that have caused so many disasters and carves into them, retreading them with images of species of birds native to various countries. The birds take symbolic flight across the walls and ceiling of the gallery on an imprint of the tread that extends from each tire on long sheets of translucent paper.

On view at Moore College of Art & Design.


Always finding another cage, 2010
Carved public transportation tires, prints
on wire mesh
Courtesy the artist

*Photo credit: Greenhouse Media



More Info

On view at The Galleries at
Moore College of Art & Design

20th and the Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 965-4039