Francesc Ruiz


Barcelona, Spain, 1971. Lives and works in Barcelona and Berlin. Ruiz’s recent solo shows include Comic Brick at L’Estruch, Sabadell, Barcelona, and La visita guiada / The guided tour organized by Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía at Abadía de Santo Domingo de Silos, Burgos.

On Ruiz's work

Francesc Ruiz’s subjects are urban subcultures, and his works activate the ideologies and psychologies that he discovers in the course of his work. Utilizing popular culture idioms, especially comics, Ruiz creates subjective commentaries that explore narrative models and their distribution through public forms (billboards, advertising, magazines, the Internet). Mimicking graphic design models, Ruiz also creates new landscapes from associations, dreams and events gathered from or in a particular place. His works, which often incorporate performative elements, offer rich syntheses of drawings, photographs, printed materials and found imagery—collages that produce fantastical maps of social experience and the underlying, animating local unconscious.

Project Description

Ruiz sees the local newsstand as a place to make new discoveries. The arrayed magazines and periodicals construct accidental but compelling narratives; each is, in Ruiz’s words, both “a sculpture and an expanded comic.” Following a period of research, Ruiz created dozens of covers for imaginary periodicals about Philadelphia. Arranged in a kiosk designed after a Philly newsstand, the covers reveal details about the city’s public life as well as generate new imaginaries.


Images: Kiosk Downtown (2006), installation with custom-printed magazines; The High Zone (2007), photocopies.

More Info

On view at Temple Gallery
2001 N. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122
(215) 782-2870