The Big Takeover- Viking Ship Building and Parade

Friday, March 26, 2010

12pm-6pm: Viking ship-building/print-pasting/costume-making!

8pm: Viking Ship Parade!

All are welcome to participate in wheatpasting prints or to just be a spectator! 

The bare bones of the framed out ship are currently housed at a workspace in the parking lot directly across from Crane Arts (1400 N American St), where you will be able to bring prints to paste onto the outside of the ship. Aside from pasting your prints you may also bring prints on muslin or canvas to be pinned together into sails for the ship. You could also build a shield to be hung on the ships' side, a print covered skull of your enemy stuck though a spike though the ships hull, two flowers kissing , whatever you would like to add to the vessel. Whatever your interpretation, any addition to the aesthetic of the ship is welcome; the more flavors the better.

As a participant you are also asked to create your own Viking costume that incorporates prints in some manner. (if you want a furry skull horned suite or a pink flowered battle axe for your costume, makes no difference and all are welcome). 


Crane Arts Building (parking lot across the street)
1400 N. American Street
Philadelphia, PA



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