Spiral Q Puppet Theater

Silkscreen Resistance and Dissent

Rooted in the belief that freedom of speech is an inalienable individual right and a collective responsibility, Spiral Q works with communities to use populist art forms (printing, parades, puppets, pageants) to promote social change.

Silkscreen Resistance and Dissent examines the particular proliferation of silkscreening in building the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. Installed in an RV, this mobile exhibition / printshop highlights the accessibility of the medium and explores the foreshadowing of 21st century viral organizing. It underscores silkscreen’s role in connecting community members to the cause, risking life and liberty by printing, wearing and posting protest materials as they stood together against seemingly impossible odds.

Work will be shown at 3 locations in the Philadelphia area. Concurrent with this will be an artist in residence program that will examine the affects of these shows, to be shown in July 2010 at Nexus. See Spiral Q’s website for its current location. Bring a shirt. Pull a print.

Spiral Q Puppet Theater

Peoplehood photo courtesy Pablo Virgo
Printshop photo courtesy Beth Pulcinella

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