The Skybox at 2424 Studios

Sublimation: Works by David Meyer

“Sublimation”, a new work by David Meyer will be presented as a Philagrafika 2010
Independent Project on Friday March 12 at the Skybox at 2424 Studios, a new studio
building at 2424 East York Street in Fishtown. Inspired by the dramatic turn-of the century
industrial space, Curator Eileen Tognini invited Meyer to create a monumental–scale floor
based installation from thousands of pounds of sifted baking flour.

Each conical pile represents a halftone value from a photographic image. Light, shadow, and
volume reveal imagery and illusion with a topographical view. The rhythm of patterns-
akin to typesetting, Braille, newspaper print, pixilated imagery- each creates a different
interpretation for each viewer- referencing their own memory and reality.
The use of familiar and ordinary materials, yet considered unconventional by classical
standard of materials to create art, have long been a personal interest of Eileen’s. “It’s my
goal to introduce the work of artist’s whose use of unexpected materials may expand the
definition of “what is art” and the vocabulary of art, design, and craft,” says Eileen.

David Meyer has exhibited his site specific installations and large-scale outdoor commissions
nationally and has been awarded international residencies. Amongst numerous solo
exhibitions, most recently at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri and
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Meyer explores his unique approach to materials
and objects. A large-scale commission that was conceived and constructed in 1989-1996, in
which Meyer designed and developed a intersected circular earthwork in honor of the thirty six
tribal governments of Oklahoma on the grounds of the Oklahoma State Capital.



Eileen Tognini

Eileen Tognini has been organizing and curating art-centered events, gallery shows, artist
salons and sculpture gardens for the last 12 years following a successful career in corporate
marketing. Her work focuses on showing the talent of emerging and recognized artist in the
Philadelphia/New York region.

Venue Information

The Skybox at 2424 Studios
2424 East York Street
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 12 - 6pm

(215) 423-1800