Book Bombs

Book Bombs

Book Bombs is a series of prints installed in multiple locations around Philadelphia, culminating in a zine publication. The project re-contextualizes public park spaces, focusing on the park bench. These spaces become de facto homes to the homeless while simultaneously serving as leisure spaces for city residents and visitors. Artists Michelle Wilson and Mary Tasillo produce one to two prints each month, a series wherein the cityscape is portrayed as a string of havens for the propertyless. This narrative will be distributed in zine form at the end of March. Some prints will feature paper handmade from mugwort and kudzu plants, usually found growing in abandoned lots, that embody the questioning of both neglected and manicured public spaces.

The Book Bomb installations will coincide with First Fridays and Second Thursdays of each month, January through March-culminating March 24-27. Maps of Book Bomb sites will be available on the project blog and at various Philagrafika partner sites.

Venue Information

Christ Church Park
First Fridays: January 8,February 5,
March 5, and March 25
20 N American St.
(2nd and Market Streets)


Kahn Park
March 5, March 24-25
(11th and Pine Streets)


Logan Circle
January 8 and March 26
Benjamin Franklin Parkway
(at 18-20th Streets)


Love Park
January 8 and March 24-25


Rittenhouse Square
March 5 and March 24-25


Washington Square Park
February 8 and March 24-25
(7th and Walnut Streets)





Evenings of First Fridays and Second Thursdays
24 hours during SGC, and at other times, depending on installation longevity