The Bridge to Utopia

Peter Schwarz and George Dolgy

The Bridge to Utopia intervenes in post-1989 politics of memory and re-interpretations of the Russian revolution in a colossal project to answer the accursed questions: What does it mean to be a Russian and a Soviet?, What is Russia s place and mission in the world?, Where is the true Russia located in Europe or Asia, St. Petersburg or Moscow? These questions still influence ideological perspectives on the Soviet experience today.The Bridge to Utopia integrates architectural and literary responses to these questions regarding the Russian revolution in the form of conceptual metaphor for the cognitive dissonance characterizing the collision between revolutionary poetics and social tradition.

About the Bridge to Utopia

"The Bridge" is part architectural, part conceptual writing project. "The Bridge" is a conceptual metaphor expressing the phenomenon of "crossing", "passage", "immigration", and "conflict." "The Bridge" signifies a consequential and often tragic feature of human experience-i.e. that our societies are more often created through conflict than happenstance; that our heritages are often defined by conflict; that the moment of "dislocation" and "passage" alters the narrative of identity.


Venue Information

The Bridge to Utopia
233 S 45th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104


This artist installation project will be open to the public 24/7 throughout its dates of appearance