Independent Projects

presents an exhibition in partnership with the Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions.

Highlights of the La Salle Art Museum's Print Collection

ARRAY ( [+] PRINTS )Tom Benson, Max Cole, Marcia Hafif, Robert Ryman and others

Leeway Foundation's Spring Exhibit Shouts from the Wall

International Print Center of New York New Prints 2009/ Autumn

presents Philadelphia on Stone.

A series of events at Swarthmore College

The 1st Annual Little Berlin Print Invitational

Edition/Addition/Object & Imprints in the Landscape

In Depth: Printmaking and Photography, a juried exhibition of regional artists.

Presents a print edition project

presents a large scale print making project with artists Carl Pope and Homer Jackson.

presents Green Mono focused on the desire to go "green".

presents the Extra-dimensional Printmaking Invitational.

Exhibition by Julie Boyer

Encantamientos/Enchantments: Recent Work by Rodriguez-Calero & Henry Bermudez

presents two exhibitions of Alumni work.

presents exhibitions featuring Joseph Hu and Hunter Stabler along with a community based photo project.