Independent Projects

presents Medium Resistance, contemporary works of craft and print & Alexandre Arrechea @ Icebox Project Space.

Confluence and Text/Textile.

presents In Between and Island Cuba.

presents Lace in Translation

presents the work of Cai Guo-Qiang in the exhibition Life Scroll.

Warning! Graphic Content

presents Wherever There is Water.

presents A Place Near Here.

Isolated Fictions

The Print and Picture Collection will host three exhibitions in addition to the One Book, One Philadelphia project.

presents SHOW and Drawing From Nature

Appropriate, Manipulate, Duplicate + Big Ditty, a special exhibition by Shelley Spector in the Vault

Grabados de Oaxaca : Graphic works from Oaxaca, Mexico.

drawing machine by Chad Curtis

presents Maira Kalman/Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World).

a series of film and video screenings.

presents Transforming the Ordinary: Bookworks by Hedi Kyle and Nature Morte by Lynne Allen.

Just Seeds project at A-Space