Cannonball Press: Bounding Billow, Sailors Printing on the High Seas. Ice Cream Social Event

Here, Christiane Baumgartner discusses her woodcut techniques and her attraction to the medium.

Lori Mertes talks about Betsabee Romero's exhibition at Moore.

Cindi Ettinger interviewed about her Philagrafika 2010 show at PAFA.

Drive By Press raising "the Tower of Babble"

Drive By Press uses the Dumbo Press

6abc's coverage of Philagrafika 2010: The Graphic Unconscious. and Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproductions COPY JAM! event during Philagrafika 2010 and SGC.

Joseph Velasquez talks about "Tower of Babble"

Penn Museum's footage of Pablo Helguera's "What in the World?" live event

Part one of Pablo Helguera's "What in the World?"

Part two of Pablo Helguera's "What in the World?"

Part three of Pablo Helguera's "What in the World?"

Part four of Pablo Helguera's "What in the World?"

Part five of Pablo Helguera's "What in the World?"

Video footage from Chad Curtis, Drawing Machine v.1,  at the Crane Arts Building.

Video footage of Columbian artist Miler Lagos creating Silence Dogood, a site-specific installation in the Arthur Ross Gallery at The University Of Pennsylvania.


Interviews with both artists and curators along with footage from The Graphic Unconscious.

Video documentary of Don Colley, one of our Independent Projects' artists.

PGKA 2010 artist, Mark Bradford, was named a MacArthur Fellow in September 2009. Here, Bradford speaks about his artistic practice and responds to being honored with the award.

A brief clip from Tromarama's stop motion animation, Serigala Militia, 2006, on view at The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts during Philagrafika 2010.